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Want More Clients? Use vCita’s Online Scheduling

On my hypnosis Web site, hypnosis-corvallis.com, I’ve been using the vCita lead generation/scheduling/payment system for months now, and it’s made my life a lot better! Why?

Online Scheduling is Wonderful!

  • If your Web site allows online scheduling, you get more clients. It’s as simple as that.
  • You wouldn’t believe how many clients make the decision to see me in the middle of the night! With online scheduling, they can take care of it on the spot and go to bed happy that they’ve taken the next step.
  • With online scheduling, both you and your client can receive reminders before an appointment. I’m set up to have reminders sent 24 hours before an appointment, and again four hours before. Thus, everyone shows up! I like that.
  • With online scheduling, you just set your office hours, and clients can schedule — or reschedule — anytime, without having to call you.
  • Google calendar integration means that any schedule conflict that eats into your office hours marks those hours as unavailable.
  • There’s a free version of vCita that’s not too bad, and even their fanciest version is pretty affordable.
  • It reduces phone calls to a bare minimum. Once I set up vCita, clients practically stopped calling me, but sales and client satisfaction were at least as high as before.

This is a very spiffy set of features. It’s super convenient for both me and the client to not have to play telephone tag and struggle with our calendars just to set up an appointment.

Online Payments

In addition, vCita allows clients to make online payments, using PayPal or credit/debit cards.

I started out with PayPal (that’s all vCita offered at the time), which allowed clients to pay from their PayPal account or (rather clumsily) by credit card.

Not long ago, they also started offering credit card payments through Stripe, which has a much simpler and easier-to-use interface. My clients like that! Read More...