Psychologists: If You Know the Right People, You can Do What You Like

Oregon’s Psychology Board is still trying to give the impression that they actually do their job. On Friday, they issued a press release:

Press release by Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners in Shelly Kerr case.

Shelly Kerr, unethical UO psychologist
Shelly Kerr

As is so often the case, they leave out some important facts:

So it’s not even a slap on the wrist.

Deliberate? Or Accidental?

Charles Hill, Director Oregon psychology board
Charles Hill, executive director, OBPE

When dealing with the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners, one should always stop and ask whether anyone knew what they were doing.

There can be no doubt that, in this case, they knew exactly what they were doing: when the fine was reduced from $5,000 to $2,500, it was at the plea of the University (which is actually paying it), not from Kerr.

Even the $5,000 is just a rounding error from the University’s point of view. So far, their expenses include:

This is the context in which the Psychology Board decided that a $5,000 fine was too large, so they magnanimously knocked it down to $2,500.

Who’s In the Board’s Good Book?

Why does the Board see Kerr as being so special? Who else is a member of this exclusive club? After all, the Board has no reluctance to take savage reprisals against people they don’t like.

Who doesn’t the Board like? Everyone who isn’t a PhD psychologist, for starters. People like counselors and psychologist associates.

So that’s who the OBPE doesn’t like: practically everybody. Who do they like?

Well, themselves, of course. And their buddies. And they also seem deeply impressed by authority: the state, the university, larger hospitals and clinics.

So if you’re a PhD psychologist and fall under this immunity, hey — do whatever you like! The OBPE has you covered.

The only problem is that the OBPE keeps issuing press releases about their shenanigans, drawing attention to their screwiness.


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