You can reach Robert Plamondon at

You can reach Michaela Lonning (who loves offering counseling to people in the midst of clarifying their practices) for a consultation through


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  1. I’m a Certified Aroma Therapy Massage and a Reflexology Massage from other Country but I haven’t been able to practice it here in Oregon … how can I practice here ligally?

  2. Hello,
    I have a reiki and crystal healing business here in Oregon, Josephine county.
    I was told that if I have my register my business name as my own name, and have insurance for my business practice that I do not need a license as it is not required for this kind of energetic healing work, is this true?

    1. Anna,

      While I’m no legal eagle, the advice you mention sounds like folkloric to me. Why would anyone care what you called your business? In a specialty that the State of Oregon has never noticed (as far as I can tell), where would a requirement for insurance come from? And insurance against what, specifically? Mysterious.

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